You know when life doesn’t quite go to plan?

Well life isn’t going to plan at the moment.  After our little blip with ill-health we were looking for a bit of normality, but what is normal after all?  There we were with all kinds of plans for what was coming next and then Gary fell over a wall and down a 3 foot drop breaking his leg in three places in the process!  He’s none weight-bearing until next Wednesday at the earliest and while he’s propelling himself around okay on those now its a little nerve-wracking at times as I ponder what comes next this year!

Fitting the blog in around a house that suddenly seems very large with just one of you to look after it, two spaniels who are used to five outings a day no less, looking after an invalid, keeping the fires going and still putting in the hours working is quite a feat.  However it’s getting easier as we form new patterns.  So while I can’t yet promise daily posts I’m hoping they’ll be more frequent than of late.

Today we woke to our first heavy frost and I came down to find the AGA had gone off!  That made for an unpleasant start to the day.  It wasn’t until I’d filled the kettle and lifted the lid that I realised all was not well, and the warm, cheery blast of heat that I’ve grown to expect was just plain missing.  It was due a service this month but I do rather wish it had waited rather than force the issue.  So today’s plans for cooking have fallen by the wayside, drying oranges in a microwave?? No I don’t think so either.  Hopefully we’ll be up and running again by tomorrow.

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