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We have Onions and Garlic – Garden update

Onions and Garlic © Sue Todd 2014

Onions and Garlic © Sue Todd 2014

I’m pleased to report that all the onions and garlic that Gary planted are not only still present where planted in the garden but are thriving.  We are delighted.  Given that most other produce from the garden was devoured by visiting wildlife it is good to know that we will be getting something out of the garden in 2015 despite the competition.  So our English country garden will have produce for the kitchen next year, phew!

I spent a little bit of time looking at the garden today and actually made it outside into the garden too.  No mean feat at the moment with Gary out of action.  I realised this morning that while the back garden is bathed in sunlight very early in the summer months now in December its at least 10am before the sun makes its way there.  More interestingly is that the sun no longer makes it all the way across the garden now and the beds nearest the house were still covered in frost at 2pm today.  Guess little would have overwintered there then?

Its very good that Gary got those onions in when he did, I can’t see me finding much time for gardening before the new year dawns, so at least a start has been made.  We’ll have to have a couple of evenings planning beside a nice log fire I think.