Popcorn and beers, the perfect end to the week?

Homemade popcorn and beer © Sue Todd 2014

Homemade popcorn and beer © Sue Todd 2014

I grew up detesting popcorn, it wasn’t until I was grown up with children in tow that I realised it didn’t have to be oh so sweet and sickly.  I’d only ever been given the stuff that was coated in sugar and seemed ultra sticky, heavens it was vile, tooth rotting stuff.

However .. home made popcorn is the most wonderful fast snack food.  We can get through a large bowl of it quite rapidly. Better that than a bowl of nuts or crisps, especially if those crisps are bought in and not home made!  Very often there will be a bowl of popcorn on the menu early evenings when we’ve finished what we are doing but its getting later and dinner needs prepared.

More importantly you don’t need some sort of device to make it in, just a heavy based pan with a lid on the heat.

This is how we like it

Pop a knob of butter in the pan, on gentle heat to start, and when its melted, cover the base of the pan with popcorn without stacking it.  Literally just cover the base no more. Add a large pinch of flaked sea salt, put a lid on the pan and leave it to pop!  It will pop.  When it stops making a noise its ready. At this point tip it into a bowl and add salt (if you want) to taste and pepper.

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