Blueberry, Lime and Coconut Ice-Cream

Blueberry, Lime and Coconut Ice-cream. © Sue Todd 2014.

Blueberry, Lime and Coconut Ice-cream. © Sue Todd 2014.

This is my favourite ice-cream in the world.  I don’t have a sweet tooth, but this is luscious, sweet, but not overly so, rich, but not too rich and the lime gives it a lovely refreshing kick.  The lime really clears your palate, so this is something that you can tuck into with relish after a big meal.

Best of all it’s not difficult to make and you can make it in advance which is even better, because if its to serve guests then you get more time to enjoy their company – which is what entertaining is all about after all.

My instructions are for use with an ice-cream make that does the churning and the chilling for you, if yours is different or if you do the churning by hand then you may need to alter the way you work to suit.


  • 2 limes,
  • 140g home-made vanilla sugar (castor sugar will do if you don’t have vanilla),
  • 125g blueberries,
  • 250ml carton coconut cream,
  • 234ml double cream,
  • Extra blueberries for serving,


Take just one of the limes and grate the zest from it finely.  Once you have that, squeeze the juice from both the limes.

Put the juice and zest into a small pan with the sugar and heat through until the sugar has dissolved.  At this point add the blueberries and simmer them for around 2 minutes until the skins start to split and they soften nicely.

Transfer this blueberry/sugar mixture into a bowl and stir in the coconut cream.  If you’ve stored the coconut cream  in a cool place (mine was in a rather cold larder) this make take some time if its set into one hard lump.  Next time I’ll endeavour to remember to get the coconut cream from the larder well in advance so that its softer.  Once the two are nicely combined, leave to cool.  I stick mine on a granite shelf in the larder which is always cool and cover it with a clean tea towel.

Once the mixture has cooled, measure out your cream and tip the blueberry mixture into it, mixing it well, with a whisk.  Now transfer to your ice-cream maker and set it to churn for between 40-60 minutes.

How long this takes will depend on where your ice-cream maker is situated.  When mine was in the kitchen it used to take a full hour to churn, after we moved here, it took about the same time mid-summer in the larder, now, we’re moving into colder times it doesn’t take as long, so keep an eye on it.

Once the ice-cream maker is finished, transfer the ice-cream to a freezer proof dish, label and stick in the freezer until you need it.

Blueberry, Lime and Coconut  Ice-cream. © Sue Todd 2014.

Blueberry, Lime and Coconut Ice-cream. © Sue Todd 2014.

To Serve:

If you are making it well in advance you may need to remove it 10 minutes before serving to ensure you can dish it up easily. I’ve ruined a couple of ice-cream scoops that way! Serve with extra blueberries scattered over the top and if you happen to have some biscotti biscuits to hand, they go very well with it too.

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