We finally got food from the garden!

Plums from the garden © Sue Todd 2014

Plums from the garden © Sue Todd 2014

We’ve been fighting a loosing battle since we moved in June against the wildlife in our garden.  The deer have eaten anything they can reach, the wood pigeons really enjoyed the cherries we were so looking forward to, the hare has regularly invaded the raised beds and the slugs and snails have polished off anything that remains.  It would seem our garden is the slug and snail capital of Northumberland.  However finally we have something to harvest, we have plums!!

We were hoping for damsons too, and to be fair there were about five remaining on the tree the other day, but somehow I don’t think that’s going to be sufficient for Damson gin or damson anything.  So winter is going to be all about preparing for next year and finding a way to extend our garden and actually get produce from it.  Quite the challenge I think.

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