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Pine Needle Vinegar

Pine Needle Vinegar © Sue Todd 2014

Pine Needle Vinegar © Sue Todd 2014

Yes, you did read that correctly.  While I was looking around online a few days ago I stumbled somehow over the subject of Pine Needle Vinegar – I can’t for the life of me remember what it was, that I was actually looking for, in all likelihood it was forgotten after reading about this.

According to various web resources, Pine Needle Vinegar is as good as if not better than Balsamic Vinegar.  Since we  love Balsamic Vinegar, it doesn’t funnily enough appear to come down in price, and there’s an entire wood of pine needles just behind the house it seemed rather stupid not to try it out, so yesterday I did just that.

It is very easy to do, my only issue was the lack of cider apple or white wine vinegar that we seem to have, another thing to add to the shopping list.   It’s meant to work with either one, but we only had a small amount of cider apple vinegar or I’d have made a bit of both.


  • Pine needles
  • Cider apple or White Wine Vinegar


Exact quantities are not given and you’ll understand why in a moment.  First of all gather your pine needles.  Gary brought me in twigs, which we washed and dried (probably not necessary but ….) and then you simply pull the needles off and pop them into a Kilner jar or something similar.  Whatever you use remember that vinegar isn’t too fond of metal tops.  Pack them in loosely.

Heat a quantity of vinegar to boiling point and leave to cool.  It may be an idea to measure how much you need to fill your jar before you start filling it – I didn’t bother as my vinegar supply was pretty limited anyways and I wasn’t expecting to have any leftover.

Once the vinegar has cooled pour it over your pine needles and seal.  That’s it!  Leave for six weeks in a darkened cupboard, then use as you would Balsamic Vinegar.

Since this is my first time of making it I’ve no idea what it will be like, but I’ll update this post in six weeks time to let you know.  However its fast, easy and very cheap compared to nice Balsamic so it has to be worth trying.