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Porridge with blackberry compote

Breakfast of porridge and blackberry compote © Sue Todd 2014

Breakfast of porridge and blackberry compote © Sue Todd 2014

On Tuesday morning this week, after a glorious late summer day on the Monday we woke to fog and grey skies and there was a real autumn chill in the air.  When the ‘what shall we have for breakfast today’ discussion began as it does most mornings, there was the realisation that variations on breakfast was somewhat limited because I’d not gotten round to baking bread, we’d finished off all the bacon and sausages and we had two eggs.

It was then I remembered we had left over blackberry compote, from our pancakes at the weekend in the fridge and I thought about porridge.  That was breakfast sorted.  I have to say the pair are a marriage made in heaven and this is now my new favourite go to breakfast for the autumn. Indeed I’d best go foraging to ensure we have enough blackberries to get us through the winter.


  • 160g oats
  • 600ml milk, (semi-skimmed, full fat, gold top, soya, whatever takes your fancy here really)
  • pinch of salt,
  • Blackberry compote
  • Cream or milk to taste (optional)


Put the oats, milk and a pinch of salt into a saucepan on a gentle to medium heat and stir.

Bring the pan up to simmering point and simmer until its smooth and creamy – round about 5 minutes should do it nicely.

Remove from the heat, dish up into bowls and add the blackberry compote.  A drizzle of cream or milk around the compote just adds a lovely finishing touch.

Porridge with blackberry compote © Sue Todd 2014

Porridge with blackberry compote © Sue Todd 2014

Variations on the Porridge theme:

I haven’t tried this yet, but I can’t help thinking that coconut milk or almond milk would be delicious in porridge, if you’ve tried it let me know what you think.

Banana and almonds

Mash a banana and add to the porridge with a tbsp of ground almonds and mix in – another lovely winter warmer.