Like it or not Autumn appears to have arrived with some vengeance.  Saturday was such a lovely day, and now feels so far away as we’ve had fog almost consistently since.  I don’t mind a bit of fog, I love the mysterious air it gives, but days on end of it, is a different matter. Today it’s another grey foggy start with a decided chill in the air, indeed the fog has increased since I sat down to write.  There are plenty of leaves under foot as the colours all change and the first frost can’t be far away.  It makes me think of log fires, huge meaty casseroles and warm filling puddings.  Autumn for me is all about comfort foods and lots of them.

I’d been looking forward to a lovely harvest from our new garden but that hasn’t quite been the case.  We have plums which are going to give us some lovely plum chutney later today, we have apples and blackberries.  The potatoes were delicious but are all eaten. Oh and we have rose hip syrup which we have yet to sample.  Now that sounds like a rice pudding is needed, doesn’t it?

I’m looking forward to an evening by the fireside soon where we sit and plan out the garden for next year.  There’s plenty of tidying up to do, pruning and clearing gutters before the winter sets in.  Pruning will be a whole new world of adventure.  We’ve room for more vegetable beds, and the two little poly tunnels we have, but, we need to get inventive to keep the wildlife from eating it all again next year.  So any suggestions on what to grow or how to protect our little garden are welcome.

So despite the small harvest there is plenty to do and so we’ll be sharing a host of things shortly from the rose hip syrup through to venison stews and chutneys.  I’m also going to be drying some fruit in the AGA for some little sweet treats I have in mind. Then I guess we’ll be at the end of September and that big ‘Christmas’ word will come into play and all the preparations for that! Sorry I’ll try not to mention that word again for a while yet.

Not sure what the weather is like where you are today, but if you are in thick fog like us then the picture below taken just at the weekend is a tad more cheery than the view outdoors, I thought we all deserved a bit less gloom.

Autumn harvest of fruits from the garden © Sue Todd 2014

Autumn harvest of fruits from the garden © Sue Todd 2014

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