Do you know where your chicken comes from?

There’s an interesting article on the BBC site today “Do people know where their chicken comes from?” I’d guess mostly not.  The article doesn’t make for pretty reading.  We always buy free range or organic chicken and yes its more expensive, but it tastes good and it will have had a better life.

It is interesting to note that while battery farms for egg production are now banned, it’s perfectly okay (in the eyes of the law at least) to keep chickens cooped up for their entire life indoors and never see the light of day, or perhaps its worse to see it but not to be able to reach it.

The article explains clearly the differences between how free-range, organic, indoor and freedom food chickens are kept.

Don’t you think its sad that we are so removed these days from food production, with so many children assuming that food is somehow ‘produced’ in the supermarket.

One good chicken can stretch to more than one meal.  It can provide a roast, the leftovers from the carcass can go to sandwiches, risotto or some sort of casserole and the carcass itself makes the most fantastic stock.


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