Welcome to our English Country Cooking food blog.  I’m Sue Todd, I’ve been taking photographs since I was 18 (A Very Long Time Ago Now).  I also love food.  So after many years working in IT and social media,  together with my husband we are now combining the two things we love most, food and photography and this site will hold our favourite recipes and photographs of the food we cook.

Why “English Country Cooking”?  Well we live in England, in the middle of the most beautiful Northumbrian countryside and we are lucky enough to have a huge kitchen with glass along one wall that looks out over the valley.  It has a four oven AGA and a very pretty open fire.  Its the centre of the house and where we spend most of our time along with two cocker spaniels, cooking and taking photographs.

Using food that is in season and natural ingredients, often with a whole-food, paleo or primal take on things, you’ll see a range of our favourite recipes over time.  Hopefully you’ll see crops from our garden too, but having just moved its late in the year now and we are still coming to terms with the competition for our garden food supplies from the birds, deer and squirrels who frequent said garden.

All of the writing, food styling and food photography here is done by us, if we can help you with any food/product photography please get in touch.

We hope you enjoy both.

If you are interested in having a photo shoot, please contact us on sue@suetodd.co.uk

You can find us on Facebook here: English Country Cooking

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